I know what you’re thinking.  Sometimes…I can read your mind.  You woke up this morning thinking, “Man, you know what I really need in my life? A 5-string carbon fiber cello.”  See?  I can read your mind!

There are times when you need something in the shop a little…different.  When I had the opportunity to pick up this Glasser 5-string carbon fiber cello, I decided that the local cellists of Indiana needed the opportunity to play something a few degrees off of normal.  A high E-string, geared pegs, collet-style endpin, and a full compliment of Larsen strings round out this beautiful instrument.

I’ve been having a blast trying to play some of the D-major Bach cello suite (the one written for a 5-string instrument) on this cello…it’s been so much fun!  Alternative music styles would be well suited to this instrument and the addition of a pickup would open up an entirely new realm of sound possibilities.

Come by and put a bow to it!