I love serving my customers in central Indiana.  For most of them, weekly school visits mean I can take care of their repair needs and their accessory needs whether or not it’s convenient for them to come to the shop.  If they’re shopping for an important item, it’s usually easy enough for them to visit so that they can have the greatest choice and selection.  However, we serve ALL of Indiana…and beyond.

We’ve matched instruments and bows to individuals in many states and even foreign countries.  While shipping a cello to Germany or South Korea is a memorable process, it’s even more rewarding to serve families at the edges of our state and surrounding areas.  Just today, two families and their orchestra director traveled all the way from Evansville to take advantage of our service and selection.  I take the honor of a seven hour round trip seriously…because I’ve made that drive many times!  I made sure to have a broad selection of instruments available and helped one of the families come in significantly under budget.

Whether you are near to the shop or far, we will do everything possible to make sure you have the right instrument, bow, and accessories to succeed.