For many of us, summer break is drawing to a close and our thoughts turn back to school supplies, early mornings, bus stops, friends, favorite teachers, and a backpack that weighs as much as a baby elephant.  For those of us involved in music education, we have our own lists of needed supplies and planning to do.  Especially if your violin has spent more time in its case over the summer than you’d like to admit, it might be time to think about getting ready for orchestra.

Most often, your instrument just needs to be tuned and your bow rosined to get ready for that first rehearsal.  Occasionally you might find a broken string, or a missing block of rosin, or a mute that left on its annual migration to wherever the billions of lost mutes go (how DO we lose so many mutes?!?).  Just remember that all of those supplies are here at Paige’s Music in stock, ready to go, and at competitive prices.  You can place your order over the phone and we’ll often be able to deliver it right to your school.

Interested in those new strings or gadget you’ve seen advertised for your instrument?  There’s a good chance we either have it in stock or can get it for you quickly.  Feel free to call or email us to check!

Enjoy the last days of summer (if you still have a few) and good luck on your first day back at school!