I am excited to announce a new partnership with Coda Bow!  Encore and Paige’s have had a relationship with Coda Bow from the very early days of Coda’s existence.  We have stocked and sold their full lineup of bows for decades and have watched both the technology and the company grow and evolve over time.  In our continuous pursuit of offering exceptional value to our customers, we approached Coda about creating a unique product we could offer our rental customers as part of their instrument outfit.  The time was finally right and we are thrilled to introduce Protégé!  These bows represent Coda Prodigy level performance with a beautiful, easy-to-maintain look.  They are included with any Encore instrument rental for violin, viola, and cello.  Don’t worry basses, we didn’t forget you!  Our bass players will receive a Coda Revelation in their choice of French or German style.

Our more advanced customers might select a different bow from higher up in Coda’s lineup, or a pernambuco bow from a number of excellent workshops, but the introduction of Protégé means that even our customers in the earlier stages of their journey will have a fantastic bow that facilitates learning and furthers their musicianship.

Come visit and play a Protégé!