Coda bow is often synonymous with carbon-fiber or composite bows.  Because Coda was one of the first, the brand is often used like “Kleenex” or “Band-Aid”…a generic word for all composite bows.  I owned one of the early generation of Coda bows almost 25 years ago and enjoyed it very much, but it never made me want to give up my pernambuco (wood) bow.  Coda hasn’t stopped innovating and their latest lineup of bows is the best they’ve ever made.  The top model, the “Diamond GX”, is a bow that many professionals are glad to use as their primary bow.  The “Prodigy”, their entry-level model, is nearly always my default recommendation for a great bow at a real-world price.

If you haven’t tried the Coda lineup lately and only remember the early bows, I’d like to invite you to come in and take one on trial.  We try to keep the Prodigy and Diamond line in stock in all instruments (Revelation for bass), so we have the bows here and ready for you to play!