While the Coda Marquise GS – their new top offering – has been out in the wild for a while, I have not heard much formal feedback from owners at this point.  When one of our long time customers bought one six months ago, I asked him if you would write up a review after he’d spent time with it.  We first got to know him as a talented cellist in Fishers and he is now continuing his studies at a prestigious music school.  Read what he has to say:

“I am a young cellist that has just finished my first year at the New England Conservatory of

Music. For the entirety of my spring semester at NEC I have been using the Coda Marquise as

my main bow. I particularly like the bow because it gives me the ability to create an extremely

large sound with very little effort. I also find the fast bowings like when using spiccato are just

simply made easy by the bow. In comparison to other carbon fiber bows I think the Marquise

brings more color to the sound. However, when compared to my own wooden bow, I find that

the Marquise still lacks the ability to bring as much color to the sound. I don’t personally know

what physical changes made to the bow would effect the difference in color, but when compared

to other carbon fiber bows, the marquise brings a noticeably more complex sound. The only

other (small) issue I found with the bow is that the middle of the bow tends to flex too far

sometimes, and it’s a little tricky to find the the perfect tension that keeps the bow flexible but

without the wood creating excess noise on the string. Overall the Coda Marquise is a great bow

that has aided me to excell much further in my studies.”