In early spring of this year, I announced a new partnership with Coda bow.  Since that time, we’ve included a Coda Protégé model bow (violin, viola, cello) or Revelation model (bass) with every new Encore rental agreement.  The response has been overwhelming!  Students, private instructors, and classroom teachers have all been thrilled with the quality and performance of these bows.  It has been incredibly gratifying to provide such excellent musical tools to students.  Knowing that they are made here in the USA with premium materials and components and that they are backed by both Coda’s warranty and Encore’s customer service – our customers have been thrilled.

We continue to stock Coda’s entire lineup – Prodigy, Diamond NX/SX/GX, and occasionally their new top-of-the-line Marquise GS.  Please come visit us and audition the entire range!