Cases tend to be a blank canvas for musicians to express themselves.  Walk through a college campus music building and you’ll see cases covered in stickers, cases every color of the rainbow, high-tech carbon cases that look like they belong on a racetrack, and elegant cases make you wonder about their price tag.  We can’t possibly stock every case on the market, but we try to carry both the most popular choices and the occasional case that is a bit off the beaten path.

We just received an Eastman K3 composite case that, at 7.1 pounds, is definitely one of the lighter cases on the market.  Like the other Eastman cases we carry, it features reliable hardware and a fully padded interior.  On this case, the carbon composite finish is both fun and stunning!  The bits of color in the midst of the carbon weave add visual interest from a distance and really pop when you’re close to the case.

We also received a Negri violin case covered in genuine leather.  Besides smelling wonderful, it gives this case a unique but subtle look.

Come in and check them out!