All you need to do is turn on the news or fire up your preferred social media outlet and you can find an avalanche of articles, studies, and advice regarding staying safe from COVID-19.  As string musicians, this virus impacts every aspect of our lives.  Concerts are cancelled, performance venues are empty, professional orchestras are furloughed, and school music programs struggle to make sense of local, state, and federal guidance.

Is there any good news?  I believe the good news for us string musicians is that every study released seems to reinforce the fact that COVID is primarily spread via droplets, and not surface contact.  That continues to mean that if we wash our hands and wear a mask, we should be safe to play our instruments and even share a stage.  At the very least, it means we can practice our favorite music and experience the life-enriching and healing power it has to offer.

As we sort through all the aspects of our lives this fall, let’s not forget to champion those things in the world that add beauty and truth…like music.