We get the question regularly – “Do you have any used instruments?”  What I’ve found is that this question has many different meanings.  Some customers are asking if we carry antique instruments.  Some wonder if we have any “ugly ducklings” that we’re selling at extremely low prices.  Others just want to know if we have something a little less expensive than a brand-new instrument.

While we rarely carry antique instruments, we do often have “ugly ducklings” and also previously rented instruments that are in beautiful condition.  If a previously rented instrument meets our strict cosmetic standards, it is rented/sold at a 20% discount compared to a new instrument.  These instruments are often indistinguishable from a new instrument and give families the opportunity to obtain a higher quality instrument for a given budget.  We have an excellent selection of violins and violas right now that fall under this category.

We also have the occasional instrument that is excellent structural and mechanical condition, but has excessive wear and tear to the varnish.  While we make every effort to make the instrument look as good as possible, it’s not always cost effective to completely restore the finish.  These instruments can be a great opportunity to own a better sounding instrument at a lower cost.  These are often priced individually.  Contact us directly about our current stock and pricing on these instruments.

We look forward to serving you!