A while ago I wrote about putting a full set of Pirastro Eudoxa gut-core strings on a Jay Haide Vuillaume model cello here in the shop to give us a chance to gain more experience with gut strings.  It continues to be a fun and educational journey.  While the strings are stretching less and less, there is still a substantial amount of time spent tuning with the pegs at the beginning of each playing session.  Coming from modern professional steel-core strings which often stay perfectly in tune between playing sessions, the gut experience is an adjustment.  I still get the occasional squeak on the A-string if I’m not handling the bow properly.  I’ve finally gotten the pitch up to A=440 and the C-string tone improved dramatically when it was finally under the tension it was designed for.

I’ll keep everyone posted on further progress and post a video once I feel like everything is stabilized!