I grew up in a small town in North Carolina.  Although it wasn’t a vast metropolis, it had excellent opportunities to hear music, experience theatre, and visit art museums.  I took advantage of these life-enriching opportunities and have never forgotten their impact on my life and its direction.

When I moved to Indianapolis to study cello at Butler, I immediately realized that my opportunities to hear great music had increased significantly.  That very first fall I had the good fortune of seeing Yo-Yo Ma perform with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra – talk about rolling out the welcome mat!  Between the ISO and ICO, faculty and student recitals, and visiting artists, there was a constant stream of world-class music.

This week reminded me again of the embarrassment of riches we enjoy in this city!  Last night I attended a Laureate series concert associated with the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis (IVCI).  Four past Laureates who are now Concertmasters of major American orchestras performed with Ju-Fang Liu (Principal bass of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra) in a captivating program of violin favorites and creative arrangements.  Tonight I am going to miss a chamber music recital at Butler featuring one of my favorite pieces in the repertoire – the op.67 Shostakovich piano trio – performed by Davis Brooks, Kurt Fowler, and Kate Boyd.  I would LOVE to hear Kurt play that haunting opening line of false harmonics.  This Friday I’ll have the chance to hear the same violin soloist perform with the ISO that my wife and I heard on our first date twenty years ago!  We’re even going to go to dinner at the same restaurant. On the same night, Lily & Madeleine are performing at the Old National Center.  So many choices!

I have a young family and a busy career…I often don’t get to attend as many of these concerts as I wish I could.  It is an incredible privilege to live in a city with this many opportunities.  I encourage all of us to go see live music as often as we can.  We’re supporting the musicians in our community and we’re improving our health!**


**really, there are studies linking live music attendance with increased lifespan…