We just received a HUGE number of violins, violas, and cellos from the Snow Violins workshop.  These have been customer favorites for years and it’s always exciting to have dozens to choose from at once.  We received about twenty model 200 violins, eight model 400 violins, and three of the “Per Caso” model violins (pictured below).  The “Per Caso” is a deceptively simple looking instrument, but European tonewoods and a simple oil varnish make these exceptional sounding violins.  We also have model 200 violas in 15″, 15.5″, and 16″.  Several of the 15″ violas have BEAUTIFUL one-piece backs.  Finally, we have three of the model 200 cellos.  If you aren’t familiar with the Snow workshop, now would be a great time to come by and play.  The model 200 violin starts out bright and vibrant, but quickly mellows into a rich, complex, and powerful sounding instrument.  We would love to show you why we think this particular violin is one of the best values available.