What makes a shop special?  The people.  While Encore and Paige’s receive praise as businesses and physical places, it’s really the people that garner the compliments and loyalty.  When you ask a band director about Paige’s, they’ll usually start talking about their district manager.  When you ask someone about a complicated repair performed on their horn, they’ll usually start talking about the technician who did the work. And if you ask a customer about an experience they had in the store, they’ll usually start talking about the person who helped them.

One of the best parts about all the people at Paige’s, Encore, Chops, and the Indy Flute Shop is that we all get along.  Many of us are close friends and those relationships go beyond these walls.  Have a baby?  We bring meals.  Sick?  We come and help out.  In a band? We buy your album and come to the shows.  Hosting a party?  We bring some beer.  Moving?  Well, that’s on you…no one likes helping people move.

This picture of Tom and James in the string shop really captures the warmth and fun we all try to bring to work.  Ask just about anyone at Paige’s about their favorite part of working here (well, almost anyone – Ivin will say “free coffee”) and they’ll say “the people”.

And that’s pretty special…

Photo Credit: Tim Gee