Many of my friends will remember the trip I took last summer with my dad to Germany to pick up a cello I had commissioned from Michael.  It was an amazing trip and I’ve been thrilled with the instrument he made for me.  Upon my return, I ordered a cello from him for the shop so that we would have an example of his work available for purchase.  That cello is still slated to arrive this fall, but in the meantime he finished an instrument that unexpectedly became available.  I was pleased that we could bring that cello across the Atlantic as well so that it was available to our customers.  It should be here in the middle of May and I can’t wait!  It is a modified Garimberti pattern and will be slightly more slender than my personal cello.  It is covered in a beautiful, red-amber varnish that displays the beautiful material Michael used.  Once it is in the shop, I invite you to come and play!