As a cellist and violin shop manager, I’ve seen just about every conceivable product and method for storing and displaying cellos.  Stands, boxes, cabinets, carts…there are countless different versions and iterations from which to choose.  Each has its strengths and weaknesses and there is no “best” option – it’s a matter of choosing the option that most closely fulfills your requirements.

For $24.99, my favorite compact and affordable cello stand is…a guitar stand!  Originally designed by K&M for a guitar, it even includes two guitar picks integrated into the base of the stand.  Folded up, this stand would fit into most music pockets on the back of a padded cello case.  Once unfolded with a cello on it, you barely see the stand.  This is NOT the stand designed to withstand destructive toddlers or rambunctious pets, but there is no worry about the cello toppling over in less trying circumstances.  I would gladly put my personal cello on this stand in my music room.

When not in use, simply fold it up and tuck it away.  As with practically everything K&M makes, the quality is fantastic.  They also offer a cork version in which the black rubber pieces are replaced with a cork compound.  It not only changes the aesthetic (brown versus black), but it could also alleviate any concern you have about the black rubber interacting with the finish on your instrument.  We have used these stands for years in the shop and haven’t had any issues with either the black or cork.

We typically have these in stock!