I love looking at photos of instruments.  Old instruments.  New instruments.  Instruments in the process of being made.  There is just something about the wood, the varnish, the outline, and the craftsmanship that enthralls me.  Over the past twelve years, Tim Gee (Marketing Director) has invested a great deal of time and resources to allow us to capture accurate images of the instruments we have in our studio room.  We typically only post instruments that reside in that room; the finest instruments we carry.  Sometimes these are individual creations by modern masters, sometimes these are excellent examples from leading workshops.  In the coming months we will expand the portion of our website devoted to our step-up string instruments available on our rent-to-own plan.  We’ll have richer descriptions of these instruments and we’ll also feature beautiful photographs of example instruments.

Do you remember picture day at school growing up?  I must have viewed picture day as a time to have some fun, because most of my school year pictures are…um…”memorable”.  I leave you with one of my favorites.  If I remember, this was from 8th grade.  What, didn’t you wear jorts and a cowboy hat for YOUR school pictures?