Derek DeZarn is moving on to the next adventure in a magical land called “Austin, TX”. It’s impossible to tell the story of Encore without talking about Derek. His skill, kindness, and sensitivity to his clients’ needs earned him the trust of many local musicians.

We will miss so much about having him here at Paige’s and Encore! If you want to stop by and say goodbye, you’ll want to text him first and then do it in the next couple of days. He’s in the middle of selling a house, restoring an Airstream, selling the vast majority of his earthly possessions, and tying up a hundred other loose ends before he and Morgan trek across the country.

I’m fairly certain no one in Paige’s Music’s 146 year history – or anyone else in the next 146 years of our future – will ever wear better sweaters.

We love you Derek!

STAY TUNED for an EXCITING announcement on Wednesday about who will be joining our shop… (cue dramatic music)