The weather is changing.  The evenings are longer.  It’s getting warmer.  Apart from being happier and finally getting a dose of sun-provided vitamin D, does the weather change have any effect on your instrument?  If you haven’t made any bridge changes over the winter, the height of the strings off of the fingerboard is likely at it’s lowest.  For cellists and bassists especially, the warmer and wetter weather typically means our string height is going to increase…sometimes substantially.  There are several factors at play in this change, but the higher humidity allows the back of the instrument to “relax”, lengthening ever so slightly.  This allows the neck to lever down and increase the height of the strings.  Violins and violas experience a similar change, but far less drastic.  If you’ve been humidifying your instrument, case, room (or all three!), we’re about out of the worst of the winter dryness.  As always, if you’re having any trouble with your instrument or setup, don’t hesitate to contact us for a service appointment!