If you’ve been around our page or in the shop, you know I’m a fan of Pegheds – internally geared pegs for cellos.  The advantages are many and the compromises are few.  My love for these is a departure from my traditionalism in many other areas of the violin business.  I love that these pegs free players from reliance on fine tuners (opening up many tailpiece options), eliminate the fear of slipped strings and downed bridges when dealing with temperature and humidity changes, and that their aesthetic can blend in with even the finest instruments.

However, many cellists are experiencing the benefit of Posture Pegs in order to alter the angle of the cello in relation to their body, bringing the scroll closer to their head.  When I mentioned to the designer of Pegheds that the ultimate option would be a flush mounted Peghed with removable key, he said he already had the next best thing – a “stubby” handle for an existing Peghed.  We installed the first one in the C-peg of a cello we’re shipping to a talented college student.  It reduces the length of the peg by at least a full inch and could be a wonderful compromise for someone who still needs the full functionality of their C-peg.  Very cool!