What a year.  Against the backdrop of COVID-19, the 2020-2021 school year begins.  I can’t think of another moment in my lifetime when so many people have been faced with such difficult decisions regarding going back to school.  One thing I do know is that all of the band and orchestra directors I know have been working hard all summer trying to prepare for the unknown.  Endless Zoom meetings with administrators and department chairs, a steady stream of emails with information that changes, and conflicting emotions as they deal with their own feelings about returning to the classroom.  It’s worth taking a moment and admitting that this is a difficult moment for most of us…in the midst of a challenging year.

If you’re a parent of a music student about to start school (remote or in person), I’d like to encourage you to send an email to your child’s music teacher.  Let them know that you understand these are challenging times and that you support them as they attempt to navigate the coming months.  Be patient with them as new room setups and teaching methods are tried – there might be a few failures long the road to success.  Perhaps even send them a gift card for some coffee.  They love your kids and the love music education…but this is totally new to them too.

Let’s support and care for each other.