Bassists and cellists often look for “pickups” or “transducers” that facilitate amplifying the instrument by plugging it into a PA system or guitar/bass amplifier.  Fishman is a popular manufacturer of such systems and there are many manufacturers involved in the production of these devices.

Since they came out, I’ve been recommending The Realist Sound Clip for most players.  This pickup is easy to install by simply clamping it on the leg of the bridge.  It has a 1/4″ TRS jack (standard “guitar cable” plug) and an integrated volume control.  It is simple to take on and off and, most importantly, sounds amazing!  It has a surprisingly large amount of gain for a passive device and does a good job of maintaining the unique tone of the instrument.  It can leave a slight dent on the bridge leg if clamped too tightly, so if you still have the original bridge that Stradivari made for your cello as part of your setup, please be warned!

We stock this pickup for both cello and bass and have them competitively priced!