We talk a great deal here at Encore Orchestral Strings about treating our customers like family.  While this can mean different things depending on your perspective and experiences, to us it means having our customers’ best interests in mind.  We do our best to get to know each customer, understanding their needs and preferences.  When possible, we like to develop such a close and strong relationship with our customers that we know what they need before they do!

Take the young lady in the picture for instance.  She’s been coming to the store since she was just a few months old.  Everyone here knows her and most greet her by name.  She feels totally comfortable in every part of the store and knows so much about the products that she could probably help other customers find what they need!  What does it mean to treat our customers like family?  Well, I knew she’d probably be coming by the store this afternoon and that she might be hungry.  I knew she loved California rolls and that she needed gluten free soy sauce.  Learning all these details about our customers allows us to anticipate their needs, exceed their expectations, and make them totally happy!

…and it’s even easier when they are ACTUAL family members.