On January 30th, 2019, near-record-breaking low temperatures are forecast.  Windchill temperatures of -45 are possible and it begs the question – should I take my string instrument outside for prolonged periods in these conditions?


If you do take your instrument outside for any length of time, you should expect very bad things to happen to it.  As we all know, as water freezes it expands.  There is some residual moisture in the wood of your instrument….so in these extreme conditions, strange things can happen.  For instance, if you play a 3/4 size violin and take it outside, it might become a 4/4 violin.  Taking it back inside should allow it to return to its normal size.

I was going to come up with a whole list of kooky things that would happen, but the reality is that this kind of weather isn’t a laughing matter for your instrument.  The furnace in your home will run almost nonstop, pulling the humidity inside your house down to dangerous levels.  If possible, humidify the room the instrument lives in and make sure the instrument is well clear from exterior walls and registers.

If you do experience issues with your instrument as a result of the weather (or for any other reason), our luthiers are here to put things right again.  Stay warm!