I was looking at a 3/4 cello today and noticed that the strings were just a touch higher off of the fingerboard than I would have preferred.  As I contemplated whether to have Tom and Derek reduce the height of the bridge, I realized that we’re officially exiting summer.  The oppressively hot and muggy days should start receding in our rear view mirror.  The crisp and cool days of fall will give way to winter and the dry, heated air in our homes that come with it.  As the instrument loses moisture and contracts, the fingerboard levers upward, reducing the string height.  So if your strings are a little higher than you prefer right now, one option to consider is doing…nothing.  If you’re a cellist and take too much off of your bridge right now, you might find yourself having a new bridge cut come winter.  If you have any questions about string height, the seasons, ideal humidity and temperature levels, or need a killer cider recipe, give us a call!