The Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles was featured, along with conductor Gustavo Dudamel, during the halftime show at Super Bowl 50.  They performed on stage with the band Coldplay and other featured artists, and played brightly colored instruments.  Facebook (at least my personal page) fairly exploded afterwards as people discussed whether their appearance furthered or hindered the arts.  The debate was lively and valid points on both sides were made.  Here is the post I put on my personal wall after reading page after page of people’s well-reasoned thoughts on the topic:


As I watch my musician friends debate the value of the YOLA appearance during the SB50 halftime show, I can’t help but smile and give thanks. MUSIC. This gift that has given each of us so much, this gift that has required so much from us, this gift that demands to be shared…we LOVE it so passionately. We desire that the beauty we enjoy in its purest and holiest form be preserved and offered whole to all who have ears to hear. We’ve been to the mountaintop and seen the splendor surround us. How can others not SEE it? My heart resonates with practically every side of the debate…and I’m just SO THANKFUL that we all care so deeply about this precious gift.


What was your reaction?