I am just writing to express my gratitude to you and everyone at Encore Strings for making my experience and that of my students so very positive.  John, your professionalism and genuine enthusiasm for the instruments is a joy.  Also, your effort to see that your customers are completely satisfied is so reassuring.  I would also like to complement Derek on the wonderful work he has done on my best instruments.  His expert repair, set-up and restoration work has been just great.  He also has such a fantastic eye for detail and a desire to do things the right way and at a very reasonable price.

As you can tell, I am more than satisfied with Encore and expect to do more business with you in the future.

Dennis McCafferty

Cello Professor, University of Indianapolis

I have relied upon Encore Orchestral Strings for all of my orchestra instrument needs for many years. They have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have an excellent repair department. They carry excellent quality instruments for beginners, intermediate players and professionals. They have a wide range of accessories. If they don't have it, I'm sure that they will find a way to get it for you! I will never go anywhere else for my orchestra instrument needs.

Jim Crismore

Director, Zionsville West MS

Encore is the best place in town, hands down, to get string instruments - there is a variety of price ranges, but even the less expensive are of good quality and set up well. Great deals for rentals. And the customer service is the best anywhere! Thanks so much for all you do for our community!!

David Murray

Bass Professor, Butler University

We recently purchased a step-up violin for our 12-year-old son. John Rihani in Encore Orchestral Strings provided excellent service. He was friendly and knowledgeable. He engaged with our son and allowed him the opportunity to try the different violins and bows available in his size. The Encore room provided private space for our son to try out the various violins without other customers around. We were able to take our favorite violin to a music lesson and our son could practice at home for a little while to make sure we were happy with it before purchase. We are very pleased with the sound quality of the new violin and the price we paid.

Rebecca Whitt Warrick

Indianapolis, IN

LOOK NO FURTHER! Encore strings is the place to be. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a working professional. Ask for John Rihani. He is extremely knowledgeable and can answer any questions or concerns you may have…you won't be disappointed!

Noelle Gosling

Violinist, Music for All Seasons and Reasons

Whenever I go up to Encore Orchestral Strings, I usually have a bass specific problem that needs to be addressed right away: need new strings, rosin, new bass case, etc. Nearly every time I've stopped into the shop I've been greeted like an old friend, asked about my needs, and have left with what I came for. The shop staff is very friendly, quite knowledgeable, and eager to please. While the space looks small, the showroom is only a fraction of the whole store, and many more instruments and accessories can be found in the back. (and good quality instruments can be found here - not just the lesser entry level ones that you would find at mass market stores - the staff have gone out and hand-picked many of the ones here in the shop) I have often found the manager personally helping fit a new instrument to a young string player, and invariably there are smiles on both the musicians and their parents as they finish up the fitting. I am happy to come back to Encore.

Frank Felice

Professor of Music, Butler University

I cannot say enough good things about Encore Orchestral Strings and its wonderful staff. My situation was not a typical music student situation. I knew I wanted a cello, but had no idea what I was doing. I was fortunate enough to be helped by John Rihani who treated me with all the respect that I would assume would be afforded to someone who had been playing for years. Over the years I have dealt with Encore and John, I have learned that the people at Encore love what they do and it shows in the way they treat the individuals that patronize their store.

Heidi Chestnut

Indianapolis, IN

Whether you are a performer looking for an upgrade or a beginner just starting out, Encore has the quality and experience to meet all your needs. As an orchestra director, I have worked with Encore for many years and have always received excellent products and service. As a performer I know I can trust Encore and John Rihani to provide me with my instrument and accessory needs. Mr. Rihani is extremely professional and knowledgeable about all string instruments, accessories, and pays special attention to craftsmanship and detail when recommending instruments/products to any level of player. In addition to seasoned performers, Encore is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. Parents who have children starting a string instrument, for the first time, have many questions. Encore understands this can be an overwhelming process and they are excellent at educating parents on what is needed and what to expect. Encore supports the efforts of many local schools, directors, professionals, and parents. This type of commitment to the arts is extremely important to school orchestra directors. From the first pluck to the final bow Encore is the best!

Suzanne Lyons

Director Emeritus , Zionsville High School

The quality of the instruments is first rate - I am a cellist and cello teacher and my students have gotten very good cellos for reasonable prices. John Rihani is so helpful and experienced. Highly recommend.

Liz Efroymson

Professional cellist and Educator, Indianapolis, IN

I've been teaching in the greater Indianapolis area for the last 8 years, and I have always been so impressed with Encore Orchestral Strings. I've sent countless students to John Rihani and his team to procure instruments and accessories, and they always come back satisfied with their purchases. In addition, I have used Encore Orchestral Strings for very large orders of instruments to open up two new buildings, and they have always worked with me to ensure that we get the most for our money. I recommend them fully for all of your string instrumental needs!

Ben Yoder

Director, Fall Creek Junior High

As a strings teacher in Indiana I relied on Encore Strings for instruments, accessories, service, and knowledge. As a teacher trainer in Florida, I still call John Rihani. Years ago, when our school district suddenly made the decision to switch from ENCORE to another instrument dealer and we received lower quality instruments (despite identical specifications), I called John, who selflessly sat with me for over an hour, pointing out each detail, and explaining the differences. On another occasion, I was putting together a guide for pre-service string teachers on the best approaches to buying instruments. Once again, John Rihani devoted several hours to make sure that I had the full picture. Encore Strings is a wonderful resource, but it is also a business that I have found to be fair, honest, and dependable. Also, they’re just nice people!

Kasia Bugaj

Assistant Professor of String Music Education, Florida State University

Excellent! Friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a wide range of instruments and bows. Something great at every price point, which is very important to me when I have students looking for new instruments. Great quality, great repair department, too! Highly recommend.

Beth Yates

Professional violinist and Educator

Encore Orchestral Strings and John Rihani provide the highest quality of service in the string instrument business.  John has a deep knowledge of the instruments, is generous with his assistance and goes way “above and beyond” in following through with service.  I tell my students regularly that he is one of the best in the business.  John is a gem and Encore Strings is an excellent resource for string instruments.

Dr. Brenda Brenner

President, American String Teacher’s Association, Associate Professor of Music (Music Education), IU Jacobs School of Music Assistant Director, IU String Academy

Very knowledgeable about instruments ranging from beginning student through advanced student and beyond. Great to work with and prices on accessories are in line with what you would pay elsewhere. I have rented and purchased bows and instruments through them and recommend them to my string-playing friends and my friends with kids who are beginning string playing.

Julie Armey

Professional musician and Educator

What a difference a few years of hard work and dedication make!  When I moved to Indianapolis in the late 1990's, Paige's Music was one of the least likely places I would send a student for a stringed instrument unless they were planning to rent. Even less likely was the thought of taking one of my own instruments to Paige's for repair work. But, all of that has changed.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of John Rihani and the support of the company, the Encore Orchestral Strings division of Paige's Music has been transformed into an excellent destination for purchasing instruments and professional repair work.

In recent years I have been delighted to recommend Encore Orchestral Strings to my students.  They have been treated with the utmost respect, well educated in their purchase options, and guided towards appropriate instruments.  All of my students, and their parents, have been extremely satisfied with their experience at Encore Orchestral Strings regardless of whether or not they purchased instruments.

The rental options have also improved as I confirmed when recently renting an instrument for my daughter.  Not only is the paperwork easy and straightforward, but the instrument selection and quality has been expanded.  While past options were primarily entry-level Glaesel instruments, it is now possible to rent instruments of superior educational value.  In addition, the rent-to-own feature is very appealing.

Last summer, when I needed work done to my cello, I had just heard about Derek DeZarn, Paige's new repair technician.  After further inquiries, I decided to give him a try.  John and Derek took great care with my cello and, most importantly, the repair work was excellent, detailed, and reasonably priced.  I was thrilled to see that Derek took such interest in the cello and his own craftsmanship.

My deepest appreciation goes to Derek for his excellent work and to John, whose tireless efforts have made Encore Orchestral Strings an attractive option for the needs of all string players.

Kurt Fowler

Professor of Music, Indiana State University

As an orchestra teacher in the area, I can confidently say that there is no better partner in music education than Encore Strings. I can always trust and rely that first and foremost, they are interested in helping and serving music teachers and programs, and in turn, music students and their families. Encore is the perfect place for your instrument and accessories needs no matter if you are just a beginner or an advanced musician. If you are a beginner, they can help you with a good quality instrument that will get you started and as you advance, their rent-to-own/purchase credit program allows you to easily upgrade to a great instrument.

There is no one else I trust more in the industry than the people that work at Encore managed by their extraordinary leader, John Rihani. Simply put, they are the best of the best!

Soo Han

Director, Carmel High School

Every dealing I've had with Encore Orchestral Strings (and Paige's Music) has been pleasant, professional, and efficient! There are people who drive from out-of-state to visit Encore, and once you've been, you'll know why. It doesn't matter whether you are there to buy a beginner instrument or an expensive high-end professional tool, a block of rosin or a high-quality bow - you will be treated with the same amount of respect and patience as the person before you. This is truly a great place to go and try before you buy - a great option to have when investing in an instrument or even smaller accessories, like shoulder rests. John Rihani and staff can answer any questions you might have, and are happy to do so! Likewise, the luthiers at Encore's disposal are able to complete a wide range of repairs and enhancements to make any instrument play its best!

Clare Hulfachor

Teacher, Southport High School

Fantastic store with just about everything an orchestral string player would need. John Rihani is actually quite a talented musician with a very keen ear. When I went in looking for a mute for my violin, he sat with me while I played several different types and accurately described the sound they would produce. I walked out with complete confidence knowing that I had the right mute for my instrument, that my instrument would remain responsive, and I could expect to blend in with the orchestra well for the concert that weekend. I have even sent my students directly to him and they all came back pleased with the experience and with instruments that really suited their needs. And the rental program is really affordable! Kudos to Encore Orchestral Strings for being a great hometown store to do business with!

Dean Williams

Violinist, Indianapolis, IN

I purchased my first professional-level cello from Encore in 2009. Being a high school student at the time without much knowledge of the instrument trade, I was incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with John Rihani. John guided me through the process and truly went above and beyond to ensure the buying experience was personal, relaxed, and enjoyable. With inventory spanning from high quality student instruments to examples from the world's finest contemporary makers, Encore has instruments suitable for any level of player. HIGHLY recommended.

Sawyer Thomson

Professional cellist, Cleveland Institute of Music graduate

The sales team at Encore Orchestral Strings runs one of the best string shops in the US. You can expect a friendly staff with direct, honest feedback and a first-rate selection of fine string instruments, many hand selected by cellist John Rihani. You will find a wide range of wonderful sounding instruments and bows, including the work of the top luthiers from around the world. Five Stars!

Philip von Maltzahn

Professional cellist, New Orleans, LA

The sales team at Encore Orchestral Strings runs one of the best string shops in the US. You can expect a friendly staff with direct, honest feedback and a first-rate selection of fine string instruments, many hand selected by cellist John Rihani. You will find a wide range of wonderful sounding instruments and bows, including the work of the top luthiers from around the world. Five Stars!

Sally Ross

Director, Hickory High School, Hickory, NC

Wonderful customer service - Encore really values the long-term success and happiness of its customers. Very personable and knowledgeable staff is extremely helpful to assist you in choosing the right instrument! Highly recommended as your first and only stop for everything needed to get started and grow with a string instrument.

Dr. Irina Mueller

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Violinist , Adjunct Violin Faculty, Ball State University

I have found Encore Orchestral Strings to be an invaluable resource for string instruments, accessories, and repairs. I have recently bought a bow for myself there that I am loving, and have recently seen two of my private students upgrade to high quality instruments after having rented student level for a bit. That is the best part; the wide range of instruments that are available, and all in good playing condition. Looking forward to my next trip!

Maggie Davis

Professional violinist and Educator

As a private teacher for 32 years and with a current studio of 50 students I can highly recommend Encore Orchestral Strings to any string teacher looking for a student instrument to rent or buy. The rental program at Encore has excellent instruments and the money used for rental goes toward the purchase of a future instrument. I have found the Eastman line of violins and violas they carry to be a particularly nice brand of up-scale instrument for the more advanced student.

Marsha Krantz

Freelance musician

Encore strings and John Rihani are awesome to work with. John is really knowledgeable and I trust his recommendations on new instruments completely. They do a great job with repairs as well.

Andy King

Director, Lawrence Central HS, Director Emeritus, Purdue University

I have been going to Encore for years, and each experience is better than the last. The staff is knowledgeable about their wide variety of instruments and bows, and they know first-hand how important instrument/bow selection is for players at any level. I highly recommend Encore for stress-free, flexible, and no-pressure shopping.

Mercedes Lysaker

Professional cellist and Educator

When our daughter wanted to start playing the violin, we knew we would go to Encore and talk with them about an instrument. We were impressed with what we found! John listened to our needs and made a great suggestion that fit just what we were looking for. We appreciated his attention to detail and his knowledge of violins. We would not hesitate to highly recommend Encore Orchestral Strings to anyone. In fact, whenever we learn someone is looking for a stringed instrument, we tell them about Encore!

Jennifer Mayhill

Kokomo, IN

When buying a string instrument, the entire process may be somewhat intimidating. As a newcomer, or even a veteran player, your expectations may not coincide with the caliber of instrument you’re purchasing. I had doubts with buying an instrument online, and my reluctance payed off by visiting Encore, first.

I’m a new cellist, and researched to the best of my abilities to describe the expectation I had out of my first cello purchase. John Rihani was very patient throughout the entire process. He provided education on woods, string selection, difference in build quality, and presented and played various models in my price range to help narrow the final decision. It took multiple visits and emails to decide on a model, and he provided a number of avenues to suit my financial capabilities. 

When selecting a company to support with your time and money, you’re also shopping for a mutual investment in your best interest. Encore provides confidence in experience, instrument and financial options, and friendly staff for an overall exceptional customer experience. I encourage anyone shopping for an orchestral instrument to check out this company. When the time comes for another instrument purchase, I will certainly be visiting Encore again. Thank you John!

Brandon Van Horn

Indianapolis, IN

John Rihani and his colleagues are simply the best people to help with your string needs. John helped us buy two cellos, including a beautiful professional instrument. He always looked out for our best interest. I trust his judgement and know he wants to provide the best service for us. We have our cellos serviced there and have been very pleased with the work. You definitely must visit with John at Encore Strings for assistance with your stringed instrument or with purchasing a new one.

Matthew Rhea

Fishers, IN

We have been customers of Encore for over 8 years. We have loved working with John going from introductory 1/2 sized instruments to picking out full size instruments for our daughters. We have a violin and cello and have been pleased with our experience with Encore. The loaner program and school pick up/ delivery makes it easy to get instruments serviced. Both girls enjoyed the experience of going in to work with John to pick out their instruments. He allowed them to play as many as they liked and was a pleasure to work with through the entire process.

My oldest daughter has continued to play in college. She was coming home for Christmas and didn't want to fly with her violin, but wanted to play at our church's Christmas Eve services. John worked with us so that she could borrow an instrument to use over her break. She was more than excited when we picked it up and he had picked out a very nice instrument with a shoulder rest for her to use.

We have had great luck with Encore and are very happy with our experiences with them.

K. Kerr

Avon, IN

Encore Orchestral Strings is just the kind of place where you want to go for all of your orchestral string needs! They have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff that will go that extra mile to make sure you are happy. Many of my students have purchased or rented instruments from Encore and I have always been impressed with the quality of the instruments and the competitive and reasonable price tag. They also do stellar repairs and adjustments. As a professional cellist, I take my cello there as needed and they always work with me to make sure I leave satisfied (and I can be picky!). 🙂 Finally, they always have any and all accessories in stock for string players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. I cannot recommend Encore highly enough!

Andre Gaskins

Principal Cellist, Fort Wayne Philharmonic

I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with my experience at Encore Orchestral Strings. I was shopping for a Shen Bass for my 18-year-old son and I called several dealers in Indiana. I spoke with John Rihani and was so impressed with his knowledge and helpfulness that I decided to make the 90-minute drive to his store. Upon entering Encore I was immediately struck by the warm and comfortable ambiance of the main showroom and studio. I was also impressed with the quality of the inventory on display. I told John what we were looking for and my budget. John selected several basses of various brands, models, and types for my son to demo, all the while providing specific information and insight on each instrument. My son found a bass that truly excited him. The instrument was a step-up from what I thought I could afford but to my surprise fit within my budget. I purchased the bass and left the store with a sense that I had gotten much more of an instrument and value than I every thought possible.

Six weeks have passed since my visit to Encore Orchestral Strings and the purchase of the Shen Bass. My son is still very pleased and excited with the instrument and I’ve noticed his practice time has increased. Since my visit, I’ve contacted John on several occasions with a variety of questions and he has promptly replied to all my inquiries. On one occasion I contacted John about a pickup for the bass. The price he gave me was significantly better than any other source I had found.

I Highly recommend Encore Orchestral Strings and John Rihani. My experience with Encore and John was professional, personal, and extremely satisfying. I will gladly drive the 90 miles again to visit Encore and work with John.

Dale DeNeal

Danville, IL

I had the opportunity to work with Encore Orchestral Strings as a public school orchestra teacher in southern Indiana. There is no better music store or rental program that I have found through which to purchase instruments for schools and for personal business. John Rihani is highly knowledgable and goes out of his way to help each customer make a wise decision. Integrity and honesty define how he runs the business and how he interacts with each person with whom he comes in contact. His team of staff members is wonderful as well. I wish that every school music teacher, private teacher, and parent had the opportunity to work with Encore Strings; those that don't get the chance don't know what they're missing!

Abby Tolar

Violinist, Danville Symphony Orchestra

If you live in the Indianapolis area (or can get there), Encore Orchestral Strings is your store. You won't find a better string shop that meets your needs from the educational level upwards. Encore's attention to detail, customer service, and depth of knowledge are above and beyond and it's what keeps people coming back.
When you visit Encore, not only will you receive the products and advice you seek, but you will feel like part of the family. Managed by one of the nicest people I know (John Rihani), Encore strings will help guide and educate you in a zero pressure environment as you navigate your musical purchase. As a former music educator and performer in the area, I was ALWAYS impressed by the quality of service and product they delivered. This is especially true of their rentals.

My trust and respect for John and Encore Strings is so strong that upon moving several states away, I tried to continue working with them and would still do so if that was possible.

Bravo to the team at Paige's Music and Encore Strings for all of your wonderful work.

James Woomert

Director Emeritus, Carmel High School

I have been a professional cellist for a while now and I have sent many students here to buy/rent instruments. The professionalism of the staff is unparalleled; in particular, John Rihani, the salesman, is a cello player, very knowledgable, and cares about helping people. I would feel as comfortable buying a $30k cello from as I would renting a beater to play outdoors.

Great place to go for your string needs!

Thomas Ems

Professional cellist

I've been a school customer at Encore Orchestral Strings since it's inception. Parents and students were always amazed at the personal attention they received from the associates. What's really nice is that I can send beginning and intermediate players in to look at instruments to rent or buy, and I know they will get the right instrument, the right size, set up properly at a very fair price. Recently I stopped in with my own violin which I had come to realize just didn't have the sound qualities I needed. John Rihani, the manager at EOS understood exactly what I was looking for and directed me to a violin that I now play every day and love. The repairs I have had done have been very professional and reasonable. This is my "go to" shop for accessories like shoulder rests, rosin, strings etc. A bonus is that JW Peppers music is in the same building, so I can pick up new music at the same time and browse new selections. I would never hesitate to recommend EOS to my students and colleagues.

Martha Murphy

Professional violinist and Educator

I got my Bachelor of Music degree at Butler University and thus visited Encore Strings many a time while I was studying in Indianapolis. Their service is always excellent. Every time I go in the staff has been so helpful and willing to meet my needs. John Rihani especially is a joy to work with. He gives honest and helpful advice and in no way will try to push you to buy something you don't need/want. I highly recommend any string musician (beginner or advanced) to use Encore Strings as their primary retailer.

Ellie Glorioso

Professional cellist, Cleveland Institute of Music