BAM France is a manufacturer of cases for musical instruments.  In the string world, they are well known for their “Hightech” line of cases.  Most of the cellists I know either own, or aspire to own, a case from the Hightech line because of their strength and weight.  One of the secrets to the success of this line is the construction technique used for the outer shell.  Instead of a single layer of material – fiberglass or carbon fiber, for example – there is a sandwich of a composite material with a closed-cell foam core.  When I hear “foam”, I think of Styrofoam packing peanuts.  This is decidedly NOT the kind of foam found in the BAM cases.  The foam core is very similar to the core of a helicopter blade.  It is extremely light, very strong, and provides a measure of thermal insulation.  The rest of the hardware and fixtures of the case are similarly high-quality and contribute to the excellent function of the cases.

BAM is also known for putting some interesting and beautiful designs on the exterior of their cases.  They release special edition patterns and some of them are quite wild!

The other thing BAM cases are known for, at least among dealers, is their lead-time with orders.  I typically order cello cases two at a time and it isn’t unusual for me to wait six months or longer for them to arrive.

I’m including a picture of two violin case I now have in the shop.  Both are from the Hightech line, both are for violin, and you can see the differing patterns on the exterior.  These cases are not inexpensive ($578) but represent an excellent value for someone looking for light weight, small size, and ultimate protection.