As I was trying to create a catchy, rhyming title for this week’s blog post, I stumbled upon a nugget of nostalgia – who is old enough to remember the Nike campaign “BO KNOWS”?  Bo Jackson was a multi-sport athlete back when I was in grade school and I still remember the poster of Bo in all kinds of different sports jerseys lined up in a row.  Because of this fun ad campaign in the 90’s, you – my wonderful readers – are treated to an incredibly witty blog title this week.  You see, I took “BO KNOWS”…and ADDED A “W”!!!  Mind blown, right?

All of this to say, we currently have the broadest selection of higher quality pernambuco bows I can ever remember.  A full lineup from Arcos Brasil (nickel, silver, special edition, replica, and gold!) along with Paesold, Seifert, Wanka workshops.  We also have cello bows from Rodney Mohr and Burgette, the work of Kate Mohr.

Come and spend some time finding the perfect bow for your instrument!