A couple of years ago, a discussion with then-Nebraska-based luthier Christopher Jacoby resulted in us ordering a cello.  After a move to the east coast, adding another baby to the family, and a new job, it sounds like the cello should be here in the next few months!  One of the features of the instrument that has me excited is the maple used for the back.  During a visit to my friend Kurt Widenhouse in North Carolina, I bought a 35-year-old piece of domestic maple large enough for a one-piece cello back.  It will be wonderful to finally “hear” this piece of wood I saw nearly every time I visited Kurt over the past 25 years.

Besides being an incredible luthier, Chris is also involved in a podcast called “OMO”.  If you haven’t checked it out, please do!  Chris and Rozie tackle many topics related to the world of violin making.  Chris is also involved in “The Scroll”, the magazine associated with the Violin Society of America.

I am excited to finally hear the voice of this cello!

(the photo below is of a slice of the one-piece maple back that I turned into a coffee table)