Last week we talked a bit about gut strings and mentioned we’d be putting them on one of our shop cellos – well, they’re here and they’re on!  Ben adjusted the nut groove thickness a bit to accommodate the thicker strings.  We also removed the bottom three fine tuner arms and screws from the Bois d’Harmonie tailpiece, leaving only the fine tuner on the A-string.  This is common practice because the A-string is the only string from many gut core cello string sets that has a ball end like the typical steel or synthetic core string.

As anticipated, they are stretching, and stretching, and stretching.  My original target pitch for the A-string was 425hz and it was down an entire whole step this morning after tuning it roughly a dozen times yesterday.  Lesson?  Don’t put these on the day before a concert!

I can’t wait to share the sound of the cello with you – it is truly beautiful!