With Thanksgiving a little over a week away, I found myself pondering how family, food, and music are related.  I’ll be visiting family and my kids have already talked about the soundtrack for the drive there and, more importantly, the way back – that’s when it will be ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC!  Seeing family will mean that my oldest gives her grandparents a little piano recital and my youngest might take her cello to do the same.  We’ve already set the menu full of Thanksgiving classics (and my requested cheesy potatoes).  Seeing my parents and my sisters always puts me in a reflective mood as I take a stroll down memory lane.  Treasured relationships, tasty food, and good music are all things to celebrate on this holiday.  While the three don’t necessarily feel connected, they are certainly all wonderful things that enhance each other.

We wish you good times, good food, and good music as we pause and give thanks!