Photo of the Print Ad titled ESPN: Soccer is our music was done by Neogama advertising agency for ESPN Radio in Brazil. It was released in Apr 2009.

In spirit of the World Cup going on right now, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about goals! Many of our customers start out on a student level instrument, but don’t realize that there are upgrade options above that violin, viola, cello, or bass that they are renting to own or possibly already own from our store.  Depending on what your student’s goals are, it may be time to start thinking about trading in that student level instrument and think about upgrading.

There are several scenarios that I can think of where upgrading is going to be the best next step, but let’s stick to a few basic questions so we can work together on finding the appropriate instrument for the student’s goals.

  • Is the student planning to continue playing in high school?
  • If the student is already playing in high school, has he/she considered playing after graduating?
  • Is the student interested in or currently taking private lessons?
  • Does the student participate in ISSMA competitions (example: Solo and Ensemble)?

If you said “yes,” to any of these questions, it might be time to consider coming in to look at upgrade options for your student’s instrument.  We have several quality levels of instruments and we are here to help match the student to the instrument that will best help them achieve their musical goals.