It’s that time again – this Saturday is State Solo & Ensemble!  While this day is full of fun and excitement, it can occasionally get TOO exciting when an instrument or bow malfunctions.  A couple of tips as you make your way to the site:

  1. Before leaving the house, make sure you have EVERYTHING you need.  Think about making yourself a checklist this week so you can go over it on Saturday morning.
  2. If the car you’re riding in to the site is parked outside, plan ahead and warm it up before leaving.  Taking your instrument from a warm home to a warm car to a warm competition site is a good way to avoid surprises.
  3. This ties in to number two, but don’t put your instrument in the trunk!  Do everything you can to minimize temperature fluctuations between your house and the competition site.
  4. Tune your instrument carefully at home before leaving for the site.  It has a greater chance of staying in tune for your performance if you haven’t had to make huge adjustments just prior to playing.
  5. Think about even rosining your bow at home.  The hallways of the site are often busy places and you might not have a convenient place to make these last minute adjustments.

Finally – have fun!!  Music is about sharing, not proving.  If you’ve prepared well, focus on sharing the beautiful music with the judges.  They want you to do well as much as you do.

Just remember that Paige’s/Encore will have string repair personnel on site to help in case something unexpected happens.  We’re here to help!