John is building a cello!  Well, trying to.  My interest in violin making precedes any serious cello playing I ever did.  My original plan in high school was to attend the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City.  My dad was adamant that I pursue a bachelor’s degree prior to attending VMSA.  I attended Butler University as a cello performance major, met my future wife, got a job, got married, had kids…and never quite circled back around to that original dream to be a cello maker!

Having Ben Parrott on staff continues to be a tremendous asset for the shop.  I’ve sold and admired several of his cellos.  It finally occurred to me that he might be able to guide me through the process of building a cello.  And now, the journey as begun!  I’ve set up a small shop in my basement and taken the first steps down this long path.  I’ve enjoyed every step and will write some future follow-up posts about my progress.