So many things are up in the air as everyone wades through uncharted waters when it comes to this worldwide pandemic that we are experiencing.  Schools converted to e-learning, theaters have gone dark, concerts have been rescheduled, marching bands are putting together routines virtually… these are all scenarios that we as artists/teachers/students didn’t expect and are now trying to find creative ways to continue making music and sharing it with the world.

With today’s technology, teachers are still at least able to continue instructing their kids and help them continue to learn their instrument.  Granted, this is not the most ideal situation but it adheres to the current social distancing guidelines put in place.  Because people have had to get creative using new technology, we’ve seen an influx in virtual recitals, videos of performances edited together with people across the country from each other, and musicians creating ideas to safely produce live music for their local communities.

There is an example of an opera house in Barcelona where there is a group of chamber musicians performing to an entire audience of plants and have the performance recorded/live streamed.  Yes, instead of people in the seats, they placed potted plants!  I don’t know about you, but I would love to play to a sea of green in the opera house… it has to smell amazing!

There have been subscription services (like Broadway HD and the Berliner Philharmoniker) that were already becoming popular before quarantine, but even more organizations, big and small, are starting to hop on with the trend until it is considered safe for large audiences to be present.  Instead of large summer concerts and festivals, you can now purchase a ticket for a “drive-in” experience for a live performance.

Times are weird, but artists and musicians can adapt to almost anything!  How has the Pandemic affected your musical experiences?