At the request of a customer, I bought a pair of white Musilia S1 cello cases for the shop.  She came and selected the one she liked best and I’m left with one for stock.  Interestingly, they were NOT the exact shade of white – one could be considered bright white and one was paper white.  Chalk it up to different batches of paint.  I am impressed by the general fit and finish of the cases and their exceptionally light weight.  Even the S1, which is the entry level model of cello case from Musilia, is only 7.9 pounds.  It feels even lighter than that!  The latches are easy to use, the handle is fairly ergonomic – although I wish there was a little more clearance for my hand – and the two halves of the shell lined up with only an average amount of wiggling.  Musilia gives good sizing information for the case.  The S1 fits “standard” Strad-sized cellos.  My larger, Garimberti-inspired cello did NOT fit.  Musilia makes larger models as well, so I might bring one of those into the shop for a test as well.

No case is perfect, but the Musilia strikes a good balance of weight, features, and affordability.  Come and check it out!