This week is the national conference for ASTA (American String Teachers Association) in Pittsburgh.  I will attend primarily as the President of the Indiana state chapter, but I’ll also get to have my Encore hat on from time to time as I scope the exhibit hall.  One of the most exciting parts of the week will be when I sit on a panel to talk about alternative careers in music.  There are so many wonderful professions that involve music…and music can be involved in EVERY profession.  When I was a young musician studying the cello, it was hard for me to see any other possibilities besides playing in an orchestra.  I had several mentors who tried to explain that there are numerous paths in music, but I wasn’t ready to hear it at that time.  I feel like if even one student in the audience considers the broader world of music, the panel will have been a success.

I’ll look forward to bringing back stories and pictures to share with you!