Next May will be my 13th anniversary here at Paige’s Music.  My daily responsibilities keep me moving around, but I often find myself stuck at my desk as I work through a series of email responses and phone calls.  I don’t know if the current research on sitting at a desk will end up being of the “eggs are evil” variety, but it would be nice to not always be sitting while working at the computer. 

Enter the “standing desk” phenomenon!  Just today, I joined the ranks of people everywhere that can raise and lower their desk.  I typed these words STANDING UP!!  I’m grateful for the chance to exercise my stabilizer muscles throughout the day and give my feet a little bit more of a workout. 

Why am I telling you all of this?  The next time you’re in Encore you might see Regina using her Varidesk or you might see me standing at my 43″ tall elevated desk.  Don’t worry, if we need to work on some paperwork together I’ll be able to return to earth at the push of a button. 

Also, I seriously dated myself with the R.E.M. lyrics in the title…