Finding the right strings for your instrument can feel like an endless journey.  You can even make a convincing argument that it IS an endless journey – your instrument changes subtly over the years you play it and you change as a musician.  Some people are inclined to find something that works and stick with it for decades, and some people want to experiment with a different combination at every string change.  I find myself encouraging the former to try something new and the latter not to let the desire for something different distract them too much from the joy of making music!  As with so many things, balance is elusive but worth pursuing.

There’s a new cello in the shop that is fantastic in its price range, but has been a little tricky to find the right strings for.  I think I might finally have it with a relatively unconventional pairing – Pirastro Passione A and D (medium tension) and Larsen Magnacore Arioso G and C (medium tension).  On this cello, these strings are even across the registers in tone and volume, and lend a wonderful response to the instrument.

The moral of the story is to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask people you trust for their opinion.  Until next time!