This beautiful cello by Cleveland-based luthier Eugene Holtier was out with a talented young musician.  The timing wasn’t quite right for him to keep it, so it came back to us with some quality playing hours on it…sounding better than ever!  It sounded so good, I couldn’t help trying to capture a little bit of it in a video.  Using just my phone and a music stand, I expertly framed the shot and recorded a good take.  When I went to go listen to it, I realized I’d chopped my head off.  Given the choice between a decent take and seeing my head…well, I choose the decent take!

This Holtier cello has fantastic power and projection, but it already has the warmth and character of a much older cello.  Beautiful materials, beautiful workmanship, and a wonderfully textured, un-antiqued varnish finish it out.  Priced several steps below the most established names in the cello making world, it compares very favorably with its more expensive brethren.  I invite you to come and play it!