In a world of self-proclaimed “masters”, the genuine article can be challenging to find.  Nestled in Northfield, Minnesota is a maker with the instruments, client list, and awards to add substance to the title.  David Folland has so many awards and medals that he was awarded “Hors Concours” from the VSA which, in essence, means that he’s won so many gold medals that he isn’t allowed to compete anymore!  I had cello no.166 by David in the shop and sold it to a fortunate client.  That cello was one of the finest modern instruments I’ve ever played.  Since then, I’ve dreamed of David building another cello for the shop…and my dream is coming true!  Not only is he building us a cello, but he is using a 50-year-old maple cello back I took him.  He put it through all of the measurements and deemed it an “ideal” piece of wood for the project.  Stay tuned – the cello should arrive in late 2019!