All string players have experience with the inevitable task of rehairing your bow.  Even the best hair does not last forever and a bow with excessively stretched hair or too many hairs missing can potentially cause harm to the bow.  How do you know when it is time to rehair your bow?  There are some obvious reasons.  The hair is excessively stretched out making the bow difficult to sufficiently tighten.  This is often caused by changing temperature and/or humidity.  When the hair is excessively stretched out, you have to tighten the bow so much that you move the frog back to the end of its travel.  When the brass eyelet attached to the frog meets the back of the channel cut into the bow stick/handle, it can cause the eyelet to strip if the player continues to try and tighten the screw.  Another reason to rehair your bow is if there are too many hairs missing/broken.  Because the hair on one side of the bow or the other tend to break together, this can cause uneven tension as you tighten to bow and possibly even contribute to warping the bow.  One less obvious reason is that the hair is no longer holding rosin well.  This often happens to players who take exceptional care of their bow hair and it ends up having a longer service life.  While the hairs might not break, they can be smoothed out to the point that it is hard for them to grip the rosin.


We do professional caliber rehairs at Encore using the highest quality hair.  We are competitively priced and rehairs can be scheduled through our repair department.  Give us a call!